About Farr’s Jewelry

Farr's Jewelry in Ogden, Utah

Farr’s Jewelry in Ogden, Utah

Farr’s Jewelry has been in business since 1956.

In 1956 Vern Farr opened Farr’s Jewelry in downtown Ogden, Utah. Vern Farr’s philosophy has been simple – offer high quality merchandise with knowledgeable, friendly service, at the best possible prices. Farr’s has a long history of selling excellent quality merchandise at the best prices.

How has Farr’s Jewelry been able to achieve these objectives? Farr’s Jewelry owns its building and the land upon which it is located. It has been on the same block forty-four years. By owning our own property, the overhead is minimized. Most stores have fancy, expensive stores with high mortgage or rental payments, or they are in malls with payments frequently in the hundreds of dollars per square foot! That overhead is charged to customer by way of higher prices… not so with Farr’s Jewelry

“Farr Better Quality, Farr Better Price!” is not just our motto… it’s our business!


Farr’s does everything possible to keep prices low. We are a direct importer of diamonds and gemstones. This means we can buy diamonds at rates as low as chain stores and allows us to provide better selection, quality, and prices on all of our fine jewelry. We purchase directly from manufacturers, keep our overhead low, and pass the savings on to you.

Farr’s has a long-standing reputation for offering friendly, knowledgeable service by professional staff dedicated to customer satisfaction. We are happy to provide answers to all of your questions both before and after the sale. We are committed to serving you! Repeat sales is how we remain in business!

Let us show you the Farr’s difference!